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Broadcast Boot Camp, Miele Enterprises, LLC  | To Register: Jennifer@broadcastbootcamp.net

Broadcast Boot Camp

Broadcast Boot Camp can help small business who are often overwhelmed by what it takes to market themselves online and manage social media pages. They can be underprepared for media inquiries and unable to get press coverage when they need it. We can help train your staff to be ready!

Public Speaking Classes

Do you know what to stop, drop and roll out in your everyday conversations, your presentations and your pep talks to staff? Get the answers and some excellent practice in this seminar. See how you really look and sound, pinpoint and capitalize on your areas of strength.

Media and Crisis Communications

If your in the public eye, you are also in the public ear! Is what you are saying being perceived the way you hope it is? How are you in front of the tv cameras and radio microphones? Are you an effective speaker? Do you stumble getting the words out? Or do you just want to be more polished? Spend a day with us, to get all the right answers. Practice at the podium and on camera. Let us take a look at your look so people never do a double take!